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Virgin Breaker Yuki 2 - 1976 Remastered
Product Name:Virgin Breaker Yuki 2 - 1976 Remastered
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Virgin Breaker Yuki 2
Gyokuwarijin Yuki: nishi no kuruwa yzukir
Director: Yji Makiguchi
Cast: Masumi Jun, Yuki Morisaki, Ryuichi Nagashima

Based on a porno manga by Kosuke Miki and Tadashi Matsumori, this 2nd of two films follow the adventures of Yuki, who works in a Kyoto red-light district house of ill repute as a "tamawari," or "virgin-breaker."

in this sequel Yuki thinks she's finally found love after some studly service, but as you might expected, things don't quite turn out the way she expected.
These over-the-top sexploitation entries from director Yuji Makiguchi walks a very fine line between black humor and severe cruelty.

Remastered Print

1976 - Color - Widescreen 65 Mins.
Japanese with English Subtitles.

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