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Tange Sazen And The Princess - 1961 Remastered
Product Name:Tange Sazen And The Princess - 1961 Remastered
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Tange Sazen And The Princess
Directed by: MATSUDA Sadatsugu
Cast: OTOMO Ryutaro, OKA Satomi, HASEGAWA Yumiko, YAMAGATA Isao, OKOCHI Denjiro, OKAWA Hashizo

In 1732 the restoration of Nikko Tokugawa Shrine began. The financial burden which fell upon the Daimyo lord who was appointed 'Restoration Minister' was a method the Shogunate used to weaken the lords.

Usually the most powerful clans that the Shogun feared the most were chosen, but this time the financially strapped Yagyu Clan was appointed to the task. This oft-told tale takes on new light as Otomo Ryutaro, the actor most associated with the role of Tange Sazen gives a portrayal for the ages. One of the best versions of the one-armed, one-eyed swordsman's adventures yet!

Remastered Print

1961 - Color - Widescreen
Japanese with optional English subtitles

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