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Hideo Gosha
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   Hideo Gosha  >   The Wolves - 1972 Remastered

The Wolves - 1972 Remastered
Product Name:The Wolves - 1972 Remastered
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The Wolves
Director: Hideo Gosha
Cast: Tatsuya Nakadai, Noboru Ando, Komaki Kunihara and Tetsuro Tanba

An undisputable Yakuza masterpiece about loyalty and betrayal. The Wolves is as sharp as wolves' teeth. It chronicles one man's jouney out of the simplistic values of the gang ethics that have provided him with a harsh haven into a wider and even darker world.

Released from prison in a general amnesty. Iwahashi returns to the bosom of the Enokiya gang. Here he finds that the feud between them and the Kannon gang has been resolved by a corrupt and successful entrepreneur, Asakura. But the Kannon gang have not forgiven it. and whilst Iwahashi has been behind bars, his boss has been assassinated. This leaves him as boss designate, a position he resigns to his closest friend, Sakaki.

A film noir that mixes love-at-the-edge with bloodshed, superbly photographed and directed. The Wolves is film making of rare quality. Do not miss.

1972 Color Widescreen 135 Min.
Japanese with English subtitles.

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