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13 Assassins - 1963 Remastered
Product Name:13 Assassins - 1963 Remastered
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Directed by : Eiichi Kudo
Starring : Hitoko Yakushimaru,Chiezo Kataoka,Kotaro Satomi, Kanjuro Arashi

Receiving a confidential order from a senior executive of the Tokugawa shogunate, 13 samurai warriors set about plotting to assassinate Matsudaira Nariaki, chief of the Akashi feudal clan who is extraordinarily cruel and lewd.

The group has 60 days to achieve the goal by ambushing the Akashi procession returning from Edo after a one-year attendance. How can the 13 assassins, who are given only one chance and not allowed to fail, engage the 53-person procession and kill Nariaki? The assassins thrilling plan and actions reach the climax in a war of slaughter depicted with breathtaking, heroic reality.

Digital Remastered

1963 Blk/Wht 16:9 Widescreen
Japanese with removable ENGLISH subtitles

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