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Misora Hibari
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Travels of Hibari And Chiemi - 1962 Remastered
Product Name:Travels of Hibari And Chiemi - 1962 Remastered
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Travels of Hibari And Chiemi
The Tumultuous Journey
Directed by: SAWASHIMA Tadashi

Hibari Chiemi no Yaji Kita Dochu is best described as a super silly live-action cartoon. Two of Japan's greatest songbird's, Hibari Misora and Chiemi Eri, come together to deliver a non-stop barrage of gags and songs.

Having Hibari and Chiemi in the same film is like having your cake and eating it too. Last summer, Toei asked fans which Hibari films they wanted to be released on DVD. This film came in tenth place (the highest ranking for any of the Hibari/Chiemi collaborations).

Okimi and Otoshi are two young girls who dream of a picturesque life. By accident, when they are mistaken as members of a yakuza gang, a handsome young Samurai named Yoriki, helps both of them out.
But unfortunately, both girls fall in love with Yoriki without the other knowing.

As with all Misora Hibari movies this is a light-hearted Samurai adventure tale, with plenty of action, intrigue and of course singing and dancing too!

Remastered Print

1962 - Color - 16:9 ANAMORPHIC Widescreen 85 min.
Japanese with English Subtitles.

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