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Zatoichi - The Last - 2010 Release
Product Name:Zatoichi - The Last - 2010 Release
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Zatoichi - The Last
Starring: KATORI Shingo, NAKADAI Tatsuya, HARADA Yoshio

ZatoIchi is back for the very last time in this new rendition of the legendary blind swordsman story. Starring the youthful Katori Shingo, with bravura performances by Nakadai Tatsuya and Harada Yoshio, it is a movie not to be missed. Staying true to the character with a heartfelt storyline and rousing action scenes the film surpasses all expectations and stands on its own as a worthy follow up to the original series.

The story begins with a series of flashbacks to a life-altering incident that sets the tone as Ichi winds up in a small village attempting to give up his former lifestyle and become a farmer living in peace. That world is shattered by yakuza boss Tendo (Nakadai) who virtually steals the movie with one of his best performances in years. Starting a gang war is just the beginning of his evil deeds, which eventually lead the blind man to pick up his cane/sword again in an effort to stop the carnage.

Whether fighting many at once, or in a one to one duel the swordplay is thrilling and realistic. There are no cheap CGI effects here, just powerful martial arts carried out to their utmost effect. An exciting tale with superb action and a never to be forgotten climax. Don't miss it!

2010 - Color - 129 min. Anamorphic Widescreen (16:9)
Japaese with English subtitles

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