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Ninja's Weapon - 1956 Remastered
Product Name:Ninja's Weapon - 1956 Remastered
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Directed by : MATSUDA Sadatsugu
Cast : KATAOKA Chiezo, HASEGAWA Yumiko, TSUKIGATA Ryunosuke

During a time of war, Lord Ogata is betrayed by two of his closest vassals and killed by his enemy, Sarashina Danjo. Ten years later, Lord Ogata's only living heir, now a skilled ninja, sets out to avenge his parents' deaths with sorcery.

The magical ninja tactics are only a small part of this superb, action packed film. Great swordplay and real ninja techniqes are highlighted throughout as some of the Toei all-stars fight their way for justice!

This is a powerful and moving story with great old-school ninja action, like no other!

Remastered Print

1956 - Color - Academy Standard (4:3)
Japanese with English subtitles.

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