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   Ninja Movies  >   ONMITSU DOSHIN - THE EDO SECRET POLICE - 1979 Remastered

Product Name:ONMITSU DOSHIN - THE EDO SECRET POLICE - 1979 Remastered
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Directed by : Akinori Matsuo
Starring : Hiroki Matsukata, Tetsuro Sagawa, Sanae Tsuchida, Rino Katase, Toshiro Mifune

Based on the hit TV series which ran from 1970-1992, this is the story of warriors who have formed a group which has chosen to live outside the mainstream of society and work to support the oppressed masses.

They follow the orders of NAITO Kageyu, under the watchful eye of Hatamoto Yoriaiseki by disguising themselves as common people. They are dedicated to the fight against evil, and with their lives on the line at all times, do not live for tomorrow.

A powerful tale of the battle against those who would corrupt a nation for their own ends. Featuring amazing two-sword techniques by one of Japan's major action stars, Hiroki Matsukata, samurai/ninja action, and you don't want to miss the special guest appearance of the greatest samurai film star of all-time, Toshiro Mifune in a rare television appearance!

Remastered Print

1979 - Color - Fullscreen
Japanese with English subtitles

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