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Female Ninja: In Bed with the Enemy 1976
Product Name:Female Ninja: In Bed with the Enemy 1976
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Female Ninja: In Bed with the Enemy
Kunoichi ninpo: Kannon biraki
Directed by: Takayuki Miyagawa
Cast: Megumi Hori, Keiko Kinugasa and Maki Tachibana

Female ninjas, nudity and sword weilding action equals hot excitement! Ninjas are not just stealthly but also cunning and in this case stunning. Directed by Takayuki Miyagawa this is a bawdy and thrilling film. The female ninjas are sent undercover (sometimes under the bed covers) to investigate the disappearance of a gold chest.

1976 - Color - Widescreen 66 Mins.
Japanese with English subtitles

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