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Life of A Horse Trader - MIFUNE Toshiro - 1951 Remastered
Product Name:Life of A Horse Trader - MIFUNE Toshiro - 1951 Remastered
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(Baruto no Ichidai)

Director: KIMURA Keigo
Cast: MIFUNE Toshiro, KYO Machiko, SHIMURA Takashi

This early gem starring the great Mifune Toshiro tells the tale of Katayama Yonetaro, aka ”The Shark,” a rough and tumble horse trader in Japan’s rugges northernmost territory of Hokkaido. Always ready to drink, fight, gamble, and chase women he falls victim to a crooked game with loaded dice. As he and his fellow gamblers break into a free-for-all, they are interrupted by the news that his wife has taken ill and may be dying at that moment. This little-known film captures the wild ways of early Japan after the fall of the shogunate when man had only their own strength and skills to rely on. A brilliant, yet tragic tale that can now be told!

Remastered Print

1951 BLK/WHT Academy Standard (4:3) 113 Mins.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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