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   Others  >   Double Suicide In Sonezaki - 1978 Remastered

Double Suicide In Sonezaki - 1978 Remastered
Product Name:Double Suicide In Sonezaki - 1978 Remastered
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Directed by: MASUMURA Yasuzo
Cast: KAJI Meiko, UZAKI Ryudo, IGAWA Hisashi

Based on the play by "Chikamatsu Monzaemon", Double Suicide in Sonezaki is the classic tale of the Japanese Romeo and Juilette. Tokubei, who works for his uncle in a shop, and Ohatsu, a prostitute, are star-crossed lovers, who dream of one day paying off their obligations and marry.

But when Tokubeiís uncle wants him to marry someone else, and one of Ohatsuís rich customers wants to marry her, they realize their dream will never come true. So they decide if they canít live together, then they will die togetherÖ

Remastered Print

1978 - Color - Fullscreen
Japanese with Removable English subtitles

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