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Bored Hatamoto - The Kaka Conspiracy - 1993 Remastered
Product Name:Bored Hatamoto - The Kaka Conspiracy - 1993 Remastered
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The Bored Hatamoto
Starring: Kitaoji Kinya, Kawai Nahoko, Sato Kei

One of the most popular motion pictures of all time, "The Bored Hatamoto" (Crescent Scarred Samurai) has been revived by talented young actor Kitaoji Kinya, the son of Ichikawa Utaemon, who made the role famous in more than 25 films. Saotome Mondonosuke is a "Hatamoto" or direct retainer of the Shogun.

The crescent shaped scar on his forehead is a license given him by the Shogun to kill anyone he deems to be a villain. A strong performance that reflects well upon his father, with interesting stories, these films are required viewing.

When Saotome hears rumors of a Daimyo's plot to overthrow the Shogun, he launches an investigation. With the help of his sister Kikuji, his stewart, Kinai and a mysterious woman they begin to unravel the web of treachery.

1993 - Color - Fullscreen - 91 minutes
JAPANESE with Optional English Subtitles

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