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Fangs of Darkness 2 - Ieyasu's Head - 1983 Remastered
Product Name:Fangs of Darkness 2 - Ieyasu's Head - 1983 Remastered
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Gokinzo Yaburi:Ieyasu no Kubi

Director: KURODA Yoshiyuki
Cast: WAKAYAMA Tomisaburo, SAGAWA Tetsuro, OKI Minoru, KINO Hiroko

In the final chapter of the �Fangs of Darkness� story, Ichibei returns and teams up with Chief Jindayo of the Goomune, (Japan�s �gypsies�) in order to steal the shogunate�s solid gold statue of Ieyasu which might bankrupt the central government and complete his revenge against the Tokugawa by toppling them from the seat of power. Meanwhile a mysterious swordsman has entered the area while trying to keep his true identity secret. Will his bloody blade help or hinder Ichibei�s quest for retribution? Will their actions change the course of Japanese history? Don�t miss the exciting conclusion to this action packed tale of honor!

Remastered Print

1983 Color Fullscreen 90 Mins.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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