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Samurai Movies - 6
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   Samurai Movies - 6  >   Tengu Priest - 1962 Remastered

Tengu Priest - 1962 Remastered
Product Name:Tengu Priest - 1962 Remastered
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Directed by:SASAKI Yasushi
Cast:KATAOKA Chiezo, OTOMO Ryutaro, MISORA Hibari, OKAWA Hashizo, SAKURAMACHI Hiroko, YAMAGATA Isao, SHINDO Eitaro

Kichizaburo, a samurai keeping peace in Edo, helps a young geisha Kozome avenge her father's death. This action packed samurai classic features many of the great names in samurai film history. The cast list reads like a veritable who's who of top actors in the Toei Studio, including such mega-stars as: KATAOKA Chiezo, OTOMO Ryutaro, MISORA Hibari, and OKAWA Hashizo. The last two names are still considered the most popular male and female stars in Japanese movie history. This is a story of revenge and the problems that surround attempting to gain justice in old Japan.

Remastered Print

1962 - Color - Anamorphic Widescreen 94 Mins.
Japanese with optional English subtitles.

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