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Sonny Chiba
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   Sonny Chiba  >   Kage No Gundan Season 4 - Remastered

Kage No Gundan  Season 4 - Remastered
Product Name:Kage No Gundan Season 4 - Remastered
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Kage No Gundan 4
Shadow Warriors 4
Starring : Sonny Chiba,Sanada Hiroyuki

Jidaigeki Action featuring Chiba Shinichi, Sanada Hiroyuki and the Japan Action Club (JAC). After the arrival of Perry's Black Ships (1853) Japan is split into two political factions. Lord Hotta Masayoshi's faction is striving to open the country to foreign trade and diplomatic relations, while the Tokugawa Shogunate supporters under Lord Ii Naosuke struggle to preserve the long established exclusionism.

On the brink of civil war, a small group of Iga ninja, the Shadow Warriors, under the leadership of 15th generation Hattori Hanzo (Chiba Shinichi) find themselves drawn into the political turmoil after rescuing Katsu Rintaro (Sanada Hiroyuki.

Hunted by the government they fight behind the scenes to bring Japan a new era of peace and prosperity.

Superb action and fight scenes choreographed by Chiba Shinichi, Sanada Hiroyuki and the JAC, a perfect team well known for other jidaigeki gems like "The Yagyu Conspiracy", "Shogun's Ninja", "Legend of the Eight Samurai" etc.

This is the 4th season of the series airing in 1985 on TV Asahi in Japan and we've reached the Bakumatsu era at the time of the last Tokugawa shogun, with Chiba playing Hanzo Hattori XV. This was actually the longest season in the series with 40 episodes being produced.

The producers decided to break the season in two with 26 episodea airing in 1984 and the balance in season 5 in 1985.

Remastered Print
Season 4 With 27 episode on 9 discs (3 episodes per disc). Packed into a spindle cake box without artwork.
Color Fullscreen
Japanese language with English subtitles.

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