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Dragon Princess - Etsuko Shihomi - 1976 Remastered
Product Name:Dragon Princess - Etsuko Shihomi - 1976 Remastered
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Dragon Princess

Directed by: Yutaka Kohira
Starring: Etsuko Shihomi, Sonny Chiba and Yasuaki Kurata

Etsuko "Sue" Shiomi stars as the daughter of a karate master who trains her to be his instrument of revenge.
Karate master Kazuma gets severely beaten and crippled by a vicious gang of thugs called the Big Four, lead by the evil Nikaido who�s after Agaki's job as "the top Karate instructor". Blinded in one eye, Agaki flees to New York City with his loyal daughter Yumi which pretty much ends her childhood as Agaki trains her himself in the martial arts so she can one day return to Japan and exact a harsh revenge.

The villains are a truly mean, nasty and hateful bunch, the best one being the blind, white-haired swordsman. Eye gouging and Blood enough to please any Chiba fan!

Remastered Print

1976 Color ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN (16:9) 81 min.
Japanese with English Subtitles

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