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Epic Chushingura - 1971 TV Drama Vol.11-12 - MIFUNE Toshiro - Remastered
Product Name:Epic Chushingura - 1971 TV Drama Vol.11-12 - MIFUNE Toshiro - Remastered
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EPIC CHUSHINGURA - 1971 TV Drama Volume 11-12
Episode 21) WOMAN SPY
Starring: MIFUNE Toshiro,T AMURA Takahiro, ICHIKAWA Chusha, WATARI Tetsuya, TANBA Tetsuro
Directed by: DOI Michiyoshi

As the vengeance seeking Ako ronin try to find out the date of Lord Kira’s move to a safe haven at the Uesugi clan’s castle, the female spy they sent in as a maid comes up with disturbing news. The vile Lord Kira wants to make her his mistress and take her with him. Can she protect her virtue and her life, and can she find out the date of the move. Meanwhile Oishi Kuranosuke hatches a plan of his own, in an effort to outsmart the plans of shogunal attendant Lord Yanagisawa. Are both Oishi and his nemesis Chisaka Hyobu about to meet for the first time, and will the travel restrictions holding Oishi in Edo ever be lifted?

Back in the Kyoto area, Oishi Kuranosuke makes his first foray into the pleasure district, beginning his dissipation into the depths of alcoholism and womanizing. Lord Yanagisawa, the personal attendant to the shogun wants to know if this is an act to try and fool Kira’s people into a false sense of security, so he sends his top secret agents to Kyoto to act as spies! The great chess match between these adversaries keeps taking new twists and turns, while Oishi must put up with the jeers and taunts of those feeling he has shown cowardice in his handling of the matter. The decision on whether Lord Asano’s brother will be able to restore the clan has not yet been made, while the Ako men continue to champ at the bit in their impatience. Will this lead to a deadly showdown too soon to carry out the vendetta?

Remastered Print

1971 Color Fullscreen 186 Mins. 4 Episodes 2 Disc Set
Japanese with English subtitles

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