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EPIC CHUSHINGURA - 1971 TV Drama Vol. 9-10 - MIFUNE Toshiro - Remastered
Product Name:EPIC CHUSHINGURA - 1971 TV Drama Vol. 9-10 - MIFUNE Toshiro - Remastered
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EPIC CHUSHINGURA - 1971 TV Drama Volume 9-10
Episode 17: Revolt Against The Government
Episode 18: Break-up
Episode 19: The Quiet Showdown
Episode 20: The Sorrowful Samurai Spirit

Starring: MIFUNE Toshiro
Directed by: DOI Michiyoshi

Nearly 6 months have passed since their beloved Lord Asano was forced to disembowel himself, and the men of the former Ako clan are seething with hatred toward Lord Kiru, the object of their vendetta. When new comes that Kira and his family are to be moved from their safe house inside Edo Castleís moat they call on Chief Counselor Oishi Kuranosuke to authorize the raid, or else they will do it on their own.

Can Oishi make it to Edo in time to stop them from acting too soon, or will the hot-headed men fail to avenge their lord, and ruin the chief counselorís plans for their vendetta to act as a revolt against the central government? Meanwhile the master swordsman Shimizu Ichigaku, formerly of Kiraís clan and Horibe Yasubei become sworn brothers by trading their short swords with each other. This is a friendship between samurai that is unlike any other.

After his arrival in Edo, Oishi Kuranosuke, accompanied by former clan member Fuwa Kazuemon, sets out to pay his respects to the late lord before calling on various members of the government while ignoring the pleas of his men who wish to attack Lord Kira immediately. Meanwhile a former member of the Ako clan who had not joined the vendetta at first has come with information that could change the course of history.

Never letting up for a second, the tension mounts as Oishi seeks to have a secret meeting with his men in order to keep their focus on carrying out the raid at the proper time. Spies from both sides complicate matters in ways that can only lead to bloodshed!

Remastered Print

1971 Color Fullscreen 186 Mins. 4 Episodes 2 Disc Set
Japanese with English subtitles

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