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Lady Nobunaga - 2013 Release 2 Disc Box Set
Product Name:Lady Nobunaga - 2013 Release 2 Disc Box Set
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(Onna Nobunaga)
Director: TAKEUCHI Hideki
Cast: AMAMI Yuki, UCHINO Masaaki, Koyuki, ISEYA Yusuke, SATO Koichi, NAKAMURA Shido, NISHIDA Toshiyuki

From the hugely popular novel “Onna Nobunaga” comes a tale that turns Japanese history upside down. A secret that has been held for the last 400 years is finally revealed in a tale with twists and turns the like of which have never before been seen. Oda Nobunaga was a woman masquerading as a man who became the greatest warlord in the land during the era of Warring States.

Hiding the secret from all while leading such great generals as Hideyoshi and Ieyasu as they fought brutal battles against traitors like Azai Nagamasa and Akechi Mitsuhide this is a fascinating take on the struggles of a woman who is more powerful than any man, yet still driven by the feelings and sensibility that only a female can understand.

2013 Color Anamorphic Widescreen (16:9) 2 Disc Set 235 Mins.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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