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Aoi - Three Generations of Tokugawa - 2000 NHK TV Drama
Product Name:Aoi - Three Generations of Tokugawa - 2000 NHK TV Drama
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Aoi - Three Generations of Tokugawa
Cast : Tsugawa Masahiko, Nishida Toshiyuki, Iwashita Shima, Emori Toru,Tamura Ryo, Kurosawa Toshio and Kusabue Mitsuko

NHK's Taiga Drama for the year 2000 is James Miki's dynamic and colorful tale of three generations of the Tokugawa dynasty--from its founder Ieyasu to Iemitsu, the third Shogun who solidified the Tokugawa power base.
The drama and excitement of one of Japan's most glorious eras unfolds in epic scale drama series.

The show opened with the infamous Battle of Sekigahara which started on the misty morning of 21 October1600 with as many as 160,000 warriors prepared to fight the greatest battle in Japanese history. This grand scale of the battle scene is not to be missed.

Traditionally, each Japanese family has a stylized family crest and they use it on costumes, roof tiles and various small items. The family crest for the Tokugawas is the "aoi" or hollyhocks flowers. Thus the Japanese title of the series is "Aoi Sandai" or "Aoi and the First Three Tokugawa Shoguns".

Tokugawa Ieyasu who won the great civil war took the helm of political power then held by the Samurai warriors. Ieyasu opened the Shogunate in Edo, present day Tokyo, and rule by the Tokugawas continued for 260 years until the Meiji Restoration of 1868.

2000 Taiga Drama - Color - Fullscreen
49 Episode on 13 DVDs packed into a Spindle Cake Box without case and artwork.
Japanese with English subtitles. 1969 Color Anamorphic Widescreen NTSC Format Region Free Japanese with English subtitles

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