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Minamoto Yoshisune - 1990 Warlord TV Movies - Remastered
Product Name:Minamoto Yoshisune - 1990 Warlord TV Movies - Remastered
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1990 TV Warlord Movies
Directed by: MASUDA Toshio
Cast: HIGASHIYAMA Noriyuki, MATSUKATA Hiroki, SHIMADA Yoko, KATASE Rino, TSUGAWA Masahiko, TAKAHASHI Hideki, CHIBA Shinichi, WAKAYAMA Tomisaburo

One evening, when the monk Saito Musashibo Benkei was luring for his sword number 1000 at Gojo bridge, Shanao (later Yoshitsune), a young man of small and fragile stature passed by. He wore a nice sword and played the flute.

It was an unequal fight, but the outcome was different than one would have expected. Not the physically superior Benkei won, but the agile Yoshitsune. He defeated the crude giant with his swift and skillful movements and superior fighting techniques.

Legend has it that Shanao had received his sword training by the Tengu. They are mythological creatures, half-human/half-bird, and first-class fighters in martial art.

After this remarkable "mother of all sword fights", Benkei vowed eternal loyalty to Shanao. His life took a complete turn. From now on he accompanied his new lord through numerous adventures and battles as the faithful vassal and second banana.

It was the time of the Genpei wars, when the Minamato clan finally defeated their arch-rivals, the Taira clan in fierce fighting. Yoshitsune was the brilliant military leader of the Minamato. Japanese history and legend books and Kabuki plays are full of Yoshitsune's audacious and clever moves. And on his side, his faithful vassal Benkei, feared by the enemy and revered by book readers and movie and theater spectators.

Digitally Remastered Print
1990 - Color - Fullscreen - 2 Discs with "Making of"
Japanese with Removable English subtitles

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