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Tokugawa Chronicles-Ambition of the 3 Branches Volume 2 - Remastered
Product Name:Tokugawa Chronicles-Ambition of the 3 Branches Volume 2 - Remastered
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Tokugawa Chronicles-Ambition of the 3 Branches
Volume 2
Starring: KITAOJI Kinya, TANBA Tetsuro, HARADA Yoshio, ICHIKAWA Utaemon

Episode 3. THE 30,000 RYO BET ON YOSHIWARA

"Tokugawa Chronicles-Ambition of the 3 Branches" tells of the battles between the 3 related families Kishu, Mito, and Owari, as each vies for the shogunís seat in the line of succession. This action-packed series is a hallmark of the Japan Action Club (JAC), with great performances by Kitaoji Kinya in a dual role as Tokugawa Yoshimune (the "Roughneck Shogun") and Yagyu Shinrokuro, the two finest swordsmen in the nation.

Opposing them is Harada Yoshio as the evil Yamanouchi Iganosuke. Rounding out this all-star cast are Nakamura Katsuo, and the peerless Ichikawa Utaemon. Highlighting the series are many fights between the young lordís Negoro ninja helpers and their mortal enemies, the Koga ninja. History comes alive with the bloody blades of the three families at war within the highest levels of government as the search for a new shogun continues!

Remastered Print

1986 - Color - Academy Standard (4:3)
Japanese with English subtitles

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