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A Chef of Nobunaga - 2013 TV Mini Series
Product Name:A Chef of Nobunaga - 2013 TV Mini Series
Our Price:$21.95
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Product Number:pn-3201047
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 Product Detail

A Chef of Nobunaga
Nobunaga No Chef
9 Episodes TV Mini Series, 3 Disc Set

Director: Kanezaki Ryosuke,Tamura Naoki
Cast: Takashi, Kashii Yu, Ashina Sei, Inagaki Goro, Cunning Takeyama, Kitaro, Masana Bokuzo

French chef Ken (Tamamori Yuta) goes back in time to the Sengoku period and is saved by Natsu (Shida Mirai), a female swordsmith. Although Ken loses his memory, he retains significant knowledge of Japanese history and cuisine. He becomes the personal chef of Oda Nobunaga (Oikawa Mitsuhiro).

While he wrestles with the questions of why he has been transported back in time or why he has lost his memory, he grows fascinated by Oda’s charisma. However, in history, Oda was slain during the incident at Honnoji Temple … … Although Ken knows of this fact, he can neither convey this or Oda’s inability to fulfill his hopes to unify the country.

2013 Color Widescreen 3 Disc Box Set 440 Min.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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