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Submersion of Japan - 1973 Remastered
Product Name:Submersion of Japan - 1973 Remastered
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Submersion of Japan
Director: Shiro Moritani
Cast: Keiju Kobayashi, Hiroshi Fujioka, Ayumi Ishida, Tetsuro Tamba, Rhonda Leigh Hopkins

Racked by earthquakes and volcanos, Japan is slowly sinking into the sea. A race against time and tide begins as Americans and Japanese work together to salvage some fraction of the disappearing Japan.

After the sinking of a Japanese island, a research submarine is dispatched to investigate. It is learned that due to shifts in the teutonic plate, Japan itself would sink into the ocean within a year. Although there are a few dramatic sub-plots, most of the movie concentrates on the efforts of the Japanese government to mitigate the pending disaster.

Remastered Print

1973 Color Widescreen Uncut Version 143 Mins.
Japanese with English Subtitles.

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