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Shingo's Ten Duel - 1990 Remastered
Product Name:Shingo's Ten Duel - 1990 Remastered
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Shingo Juban Shobu
Director: OZU Hitoshi
Cast: SANADA Hiroyuki, CHIBA Shinichi, WAKAYAMA Tomisaburo, IKEGAMI Kimiko, NAKAMURA Toru, MATSUBARA Chiaki, OIDE Shun, KAZAMA Morio, WATABIKI Katsuhiko, OKI Minoru, YAMAGUCHI Takashi, SAKUMA Yoshiko, SATO Kei

This is the exciting life story of Aoi Shingo starring some of the top sword actors in Japanese cinema. Sanada Hiroyuki takes over the title role originally made famous by the late Okawa Hashizo, while Wakayama Tomisaburo and Chiba Shinichi both shine in supporting roles.
Shingo was the illegitimate son of Shogun Yoshimune. When Yoshimune learns about his son, he arranges a meeting between them. Meanwhile, Shingo who in his youth was known as Bijomaru has set out to become the finest swordsman in the land. Can they ever get to meet in this awesome sword fighting adventure?

Remastered Print

1990 - Color - Fullscreen 94 Mins.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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