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Tokaido Fullhouse - 1963 All Star Cast - Remastered
Product Name:Tokaido Fullhouse - 1963 All Star Cast - Remastered
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(Seizoroi Tokaido)
Director: MATSUDA Sadatsugu
Cast: KATAOKA Chiezo, ICHIKAWA Utaemon, OKAWA Hashizo, MISORA Hibari, TSUKIGATA Ryunosuke, AZUMA Chiyonosuke, OTOMO Ryutaro, NAKAMURA Kinnosuke

A spectacular gathering of an all-star cast with an exciting chapter in the life of the legendary gambling boss of the Tokaido, Shimizu no Jirocho!
When Kanbe Nagakichi has his turf taken over by Ano-Toku, the father-in-law of his sworn brother Kira Nikichi it sets in motion one of the most violent gang battles in Japanese history. Forced by the situation to choose between family and yakuza honor, Nikichi faces off against the vile combination of Ano-Toku and Kurokoma Katsuzo, villains so low as to ambush their foes using snipers.

Nikichi, who owes allegiance to Boss Jirocho of Shimizu asks Jirocho to spare Ano-Toku�s life until events force a showdown between the 30 member Shimizu gang and a force of over 200 men fighting on Ano-Toku�s behalf. Meanwhile, a mysterious samurai may hold the key to deciding the outcome of this battle!

Remastered Print

1963 Color Anamorphic Widescreen (16:9) 93 Mins.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles

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