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Gang vs. Gang - 1963 Remastered
Product Name:Gang vs. Gang - 1963 Remastered
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Director: Teruo Ishii
Cast: Koji Tsuruta, Tetsuro Tamba, Tatsuo Umemiya

in the early 1960's Director Teruo Ishii was Toei's main purveyor of modern-day yakuza pictures set in the pre-war era.
The plot opens as our hero (Tsuruta) comes out of prison, having served time by taking the blame for a fellow gang member's crime. However, his former gang seems to have gone to seed, becoming a sort of "has-been" and no longer what they used to be, with people now killing each other and dealing in drugs.

The hero then teams up with a lone operator (Tamba) who specializes in shaking down gangsters. Together they trace an opium refinery in Kakone and face the evil gangsters in a gun-battle on the slopes of a steep mountain, providing the kind of rural setting for his urban yakuza that was Ishii's trademark.

Remastered Print

Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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