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Son of The Black Mass TV Series Vol.5 to Vol.10 - 2005 Remastered
Product Name:Son of The Black Mass TV Series Vol.5 to Vol.10 - 2005 Remastered
Availability:In Stock
Product Number:pn-3201264
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Son of The Black Mass TV Series Vol.5 to Vol.10
aka Nemuri Kyoshiro 2005 TV Series
6 Vol. 6 Disc Box Set

Director: N/A
Cast:KATAOKA Takao, ABE Toru, MATSUO Kayo, HINO Shohei, IBUKI Goro

Signs that the Tokugawa shogunate was vulnerable began to appear during the reign of 12th Shogun Ieyoshi. The Satsuma and the 13 Western non-Tokugawa lords began to act in suspicious ways.
Minister Takebe, under orders from shogunate councilor Mizuno, attempted to quash this unrest. Nemuri Kyoshiro, a loner headed west, unwittingly becomes involved in the struggle.
This TV series version of the Son of the Black Mass maintains the high standards set by Ichikawa Raizo in the dozen feature films released by Daiei in the 1960’s. Kataoka Takao gives an impressive performance as the half-breed ronin with his own unique sense of justice and almost mystical “Full Moon Sword Style.”

Starting out in Edo, as Kyoshiro travels west toward Kyoto, he encounters some of the most dangerous obstacles in his career. The superb action sequences were created by Kusumoto Eiichi, the swordfight choreographer most noted for the first 5 Baby Cart to Hell movies as well as the Zato Ichi TV series.

Remastered Print

1982 Color Academy Standard (4:3) 6 Volumes Box Set.
Japanese with Optional English Subtitles.

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