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Tokugawa Ieyasu - 1988 TBS Warlord Movie - Remastered
Product Name:Tokugawa Ieyasu - 1988 TBS Warlord Movie - Remastered
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Tokugawa Ieyasu - 1988 TBS Warlord Movie Special
Directed by: FURUHATA Yasuo
Cast: MATSUKATA Hiroki, CHIBA Shinichi, KATASAE Rino, SANADA Hiroyuki, TOAKE Yukiyo, TANBA Tetsuro, IWASHITA Shima, OGATA Ken,

From his early days as Matsudaira Motoyasu through his rise to the most powerful man in Japan as Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first of the Tokugawa Shoguns, this is the story of the man who truly unified Japan under one ruler. Tokugawa Ieyasu is quoted as saying: "People carry burdens through life as they travel a long road. Never rush" "If you think of privation as normal, you'll be contented. If you know only about winning and losing, harm may fall upon you.

Being inferior is batter than being superior." These writing reflected the beliefs and military strategy of Ieyasu, a man before his time who was destined to take over the entire country in order to ensure the safety of his children.

An absolute must for any fan of Japanese History, this is a film not to be missed. All-star cast!

Remastered Print
1988 - Color - Fullscreen - 2 Discs with "The Making of..." 260 mins!
Japanese with English subtitles

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