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Ghost Cat of Otama Pond - 1960 Remastered
Product Name:Ghost Cat of Otama Pond - 1960 Remastered
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Ghost Cat of Otama Pond

Director: Yoshihiro Ishikawa
Starring: Date Shozaburo, Kitazawa Noriko, Numata Yoichi

A young couple, become lost while walking in the mountains, coming back again and again to the same mysterious pond. With a thunderstorm approaching they follow a black cat to an abandoned house, where they take shelter. But after seeing the spooky reflection of an old woman in a well, Keiko falls ill with a fever.

A priest tells her she has been possessed by a cat spirit that resides in the pond - and will die unless the spirit is exorcised. Flash back to feudal times. Heavily taxed villagers pressure the headman, Shinbei, to ask the high-handed magistrate for relief. Meanwhile, the headman�s son, Yachimaru is in love with Kozasa the daughter of the scheming, unscrupulous Gensai. Among Gensai�s long list of crimes is his plot, hatched with the magistrate, to murder Shinbei and dump his body in Otama Pond.

Blood is washed with blood and soon the entire family - Yachimaru, his sister Akino and their grandmother - join Shinbei in death. The only exception is the family cat, Tama, who becomes an agent for ghostly revenge......

Remastered Print

1960 Color Anamorphic Widescreen (16:9) 76 Min.
Japanese with Removable English Subtitles.

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