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   Samurai Movies - 3  >   Magistrate Toyama - Conspiracy of A Beautiful Woman - Remastered

Magistrate Toyama - Conspiracy of A Beautiful Woman - Remastered
Product Name:Magistrate Toyama - Conspiracy of A Beautiful Woman - Remastered
Our Price:$12.00
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Product Number:pn-320722
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 Product Detail

Directed by: ESAKI Mio

The meeting of the two greatest legends in Japan - Magistrate Toyama, the crime-fighting official with the cherry blossom tattoo on his shoulder, and Kusada Chuji, the yakuza protector of the common man! When a local magistrate is murdered by a group of vagabonds, Toyama is ordered to arrest Kusada Chuji. In his investigation, he meets Kusada’s wife, who is all too familiar to Toyama, and casts doubt on his guilt. Furthermore, there seems to be a larger conspiracy being carried out.....

Remastered Print

1989 Full screen - Academy Standard, Color
Japanese with Removal English subtitles

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