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Shinsengumi's Devil Commander - 1957 Remastered
Prison Boss - Ken Takakura - 1968 Remastered
Tora-san #4 - Tora-san's Grand Scheme - 1970 Remastered
Riot in Gujo - 2000 Remastered
Tora-san #23 - Tora-san, the Matchmaker - 1979 Remastered
Tora-san #20 - Tora-san Plays Cupid - 1977 Remastered
Wicked Priest #2: Ballad of Murder - 1968 Remastered
Rub Out the Past - 1966 Remastered
Gunshi Kanbee - 2014 NHK Taiga Drama - Box 3
The Dark Magistrate TV Series Vol.5 to Vol.13 Box Set

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Gate of Hell - 1953 Remastered
Spear of Heroism - 1961 Remastered
Outlaw Killers - 1972 Remastered
Blueprint of Murder - 1961 Remastered
Yakuza of Ina - 1960 Remastered

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Dojo Challengers 2 - 1964 Remastered
Revenge - 1964 Remastered
Owl's Castle - 1999 Remastered
13 Assassins - 1963 Remastered
Tange Sazen - Secret of the Urn - Remastered
Samurai Banners - 1969 Remastered
Araki Mataemon - Duel at Kagiya No Tsuji - 1993 Remastered
Hibari Misora Live in Tokyo Dome - 1988
Komyo Ga Tsuji - 2006 NHK Taiga Drama
Oba, The Last Samurai - WW 2 Film - 2011 Release

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Onihei Crime Files - Unibrow - 2007 Remastered
Onihei Crime Files - Unibrow

Director: Akira Inoue
Cast: Kichiemon Nakamura ll, Yumi Takigawa

Shotaro Ikenami original, special...

Our Price $12.95
Sasuke and His Comedians - 1963 Remastered
Sasuke and His Comedians
"Sanada Fuunroku"

Director: Tai Kato
Cast: Kinnosuke Nakamura, Misako Watanabe

Osaka in the early 1600s,...

Our Price $12.95
Living for the Sword - Hideki Takahashi - 1965 Remastered
"Chichibu Suikoden Hissatsuken"

Director: NOGUCHI Haruyasu


Our Price $12.95
Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro's Birth - 1972 Remastered
Kogarashi Monjiro 2:
Secret of Monjiro's Birth
"Kogarashi Monjiro Kakawari Gozansen"

Director: Sadao Nakajima
Cast: Bunta Sugawara, Etsuko Ichihara,...

Our Price $12.95
Sanguine Battle - Hashizô Ôkawa - 1959 Remastered
Sanguine Battle
"Tenka no Igagoe Akatsuki no Kessen"

Director: Sadatsugu Matsuda
Cast: Utaemon Ichikawa, Hashizô Ôkawa, Kôtarô Satomi


Our Price $12.95
Express Train - Kiyoshi Atsumi - 1967 Remastered
Express Train
"Kigeki Kyuko Ressha"

Director: Masaharu Segawa
Cast: Kiyoshi Atsumi, Ko Nishimura

Kiyoshi Atsumi, famous for his role in...

Our Price $12.95
The Biggest Gamble - Koji Tsuruta, Ken Takakura - 1969 Remastered
The Biggest Gamble
"Sengo Saidai no Toba"

Director: Kosaku Yamashita
Cast: Koji Tsuruta, Ken Takakura, KOYAMA AKIKO, Kousaku Yamashita


Our Price $12.95
Works of A Fish Man - 1961 Remastered
Works of A Fish Man
"Edoko Hanjoki"

Director: Masahiro Makino
Cast: Kinnosuke Nakamura, Yumiko Hasegawa


Our Price $12.95
Ishimatsu The Yakuza - 1967 Remastered
Ishimatsu The Yakuza
"Ninkyo Kashi no Ishimatsu"

Director: Noribumi Suzuki
Cast: Saburo Kitajima, Hideo...

Our Price $12.95
Onihei Crime Files - Bungoro Amabiki - 2009 Remastered
Onihei Crime Files - Bungoro Amabiki

Director: Mitsumasa Saito
Cast: Kichiemon Nakamura ll, Hiromi...

Our Price $12.95
A Samurai's Sorrow - TAMURA Masakazu - 1993 Remastered
"Kawaite Soro"

Director: INOUE Akira
Cast: TAMURA Masakazu, TAMURA Ryo,...

Our Price $12.95
Onihei Crime Files - The Inside Woman - 2008 Remastered
Onihei Crime Files - The Inside Woman

Director: Nobuyuki Sakai
Cast: Kichiemon Nakamura ll, Hiromi Takigawa


Our Price $12.95
The Flower and the Dragon - 1965 Remastered
The Flower and the Dragon
"Hana to Ryu"

Director: Kosaku Yamashita
Cast: Kinnosuke Nakamura, Yoshiko Sakuma

The Flower and the Dragon...

Our Price $12.95
Man From Shimizu - 1958 Remastered
Man From Shimizu
"Shimizu minato no Meibutsu Otoko"

Director: Makino Masahiro
Cast: Kinnosuke Nakamura, Kunio...

Our Price $12.95
Honor Among Brothers 8 - 1970 Remastered
Honor Among Brothers 8
aka: Code Between Brothers 8
"Shin Kyodai Jingi"

Director: SAEKI Kiyoshi

Our Price $12.95
Bushido - 2013
Director: MIKAMI Yasuo
Cast: HIRA Takehiro, WAKABAYASHI Go, SATO Tamao, MEGURO Yuuki

During the reign of the...

Our Price $12.95
Burning Flower - 2015 NHK Tiaga Drama Box 2
Burning Flower

2015 NHK Taiga Drama, Box 2 - Episode 21 to 40

Director: Watanabe...

Our Price $35.95
New Prison Walls of Abashiri 6 - Stormy Cape - 1971 Remastered
New Prison Walls of Abashiri 6
Stormy Cape
"Shin abashiri bangaichi:Arashi yobu shiretoko-misaki"


Our Price $12.95
Burning Flower - 2015 NHK Tiaga Drama Box 3
Burning Flower

2015 NHK Taiga Drama, Box 3 - Episode 41 to 50

Director: Watanabe Yoshio, Suenaga Hajime
Cast: Inoue Mao,...

Our Price $24.95
Rise and Fall of Yakuza - 1970 Remastered
Rise and Fall of Yakuza
"Ninkyo Koubushi Kumicho to Daigashi"

Director: Yasuo Furuhata
Cast: Koji Tsuruta,...

Our Price $12.95
Target - 1980 Remastered
"Bara no hyoteki"

Director: Toru Murakawa
Cast: Hiroshi Tachi, Yutaka Nakajima, Yuji Honma


Our Price $12.95
Kingdom of Jirocho 4 - 1965 Remastered
Kingdom of Jirocho 4
"koshuji nagurikomi"

Director: Masahiro Makino
Cast: Koji Tsuruta, Minoru Oki,...

Our Price $12.95
Onihei Crime Files: Conscience of A Worm - 2011
Onihei Crime Files:
Conscience of a Worm

Director: Shigeru Ishihara
Cast: Kichiemon Nakamura ll as Detective Onihei


Our Price $12.95
The Retreat From Kiska - MIFUNE Toshiro - 1965 Remastered
(Taiheiyo Kiseki no Sakusen: Kisuka)

Director: Teruo Ishii
Cast: MIFUNE Toshiro,...

Our Price $12.95

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