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Tora-san #19 - Tora-san Meets His Lordship - 1977 Remastered
The Rendezvous - 1972 Remastered
The Kamikaze Adventurers - Sonny Chiba, Hiroyuki Sanada - 1981 Remastered
The Sand City In Manchuria - 1960 Remastered
New Year Trip - Kiyoshi Atsumi - 1968 Remastered
The Wife of Seishu Hanaoka - Raizo Ichikawa - 1967 Remastered
Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku - 2011
Koto: Twin Sisters of Kyoto - 1963 Remastered
Temple of the Wild Geese - 1962 Remastered
Lupin lll - Live Action Film - 2014

Best Seller
Irezumi - Spirit of Tattoo 1982 - Tomisaburo Wakayama
Man Without A Map - Shintaro Katsu - 1968 Remastered
A Taxing Woman's Return - 1988 Remastered
Memoirs of Japanese Assassinations - All Star Cast - 1969 Remastered
Battle of Okinawa - 1971 Remastered
Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku - 2011
An Outlaw - Ken Takakura - 1964 Remastered
Year One In The North - WATANABE Ken Star 2005
Hibari Misora Live in Tokyo Dome - 1988
Ghost Story of the Snow Witch - 1968 Remastered

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